Pukaruha Atoll FP

Pukaruha Atoll is off the beaten path. It lies to at the eastern limits of the Tuamotus. The main motu has a village located at the northern end. Half-way down the main motu is an airstrip.

Now for the real scoop. This is my best map artistically and my most detailed. It has close to 1,000 polygons that makeup the various layers of infornmation. I used Google Earth imagery to construct this map. The imagery is 1-meter resolution and I mapped the hell out of it! The project took about 20 hours.

Frequent visitors know that I primarily work off of Landsat ETM+ 2000 mosaic imagery. This island and it's neighbor are not covered in the available Landsat imagery. I am sure that it was a fluke that this mosaic was not made available to the public. However, I wanted to map it. So I checked out the imagery on GE and found the included base imagery. The lagoon reef is a work of art and it is accurate.

For those of you that just like to see my latest project, this is it. For those of you that appreciate a gorgeous map, this is it as well.


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