Clarion Island MX

I thought that this was an island that I had already posted.  Turns out that I posted Socorro and San Benedicto Islands, but not Clarion Island.  These three islands make up the Revillagegado Archipelago.  There is a fourth island.  It consists of a cluster of rocks. Roca Partida.

The islands are most frequently visited by fishermen, that is their surrounding waters.  Long-Range fishing boats leave San Diego and head to these islands on long trips (10-days).  The fishermen catch big fish.

Clarion Island is the farthest west of the three main islands.  From east to west you would encounter Socorro, San Benedicto and finally Clarion.  The other two are uninhabited.  Clarion has a small detachment of Mexican military stationed on the island.

Clarion does have some endangered species that were being destroyed by feral cats.  However, after an intensive effort and education the cats have been eradicated.

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